Problem Sets for Information Technology Section

Available Problem Sets list :

1.Soal 1- download
2.Soal 2- download
3.Soal 3- download
4.Soal 4- download
5.Soal 5- download
6.Soal 6download download
7.Soal 7- download
8.Soal 8- download
9.Soal 9- download
10.Soal 10- download
11.Soal 11- download
12.Soal 12- download
13.Soal 13- download
14.Soal 14- download
15.Soal 15- download

Problem Sets for Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD

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1.Soal 1 download
2.Soal 2 download

Problem Sets for Web Design

Available Problem Sets list :

1.Soal 1 download
2.Soal 2 download
3.Soal 3 download
4.Soal 4 download
5.Soal 5 download

Problem Sets for Graphic Design

Available Problem Sets list :

Project : Booklet with Cover (1 page) + Personal Data (1 page) + 10 of your best creation (10 page)
Theme : Self Promotion

Make a creation in the form of self promotion themed booklets with a free design style, but interesting and able to explain the benefits or advantages and talents you have as a potential graphic designer, which will be chosen as a viable candidate in the Asean Skill Competition 2012.

  • Cover (1 page) - Can describe yourself through a visual fit with your own creations
  • Personal Data (1 page) - Enter the your complete data along with the achievements or advantages you have in a page with your own design.
    The entry data should be minimum: Name, Address, Date/Place birth, Self Portrait, Hobby, Telephone Number, Email, Formal and Informal Education (until now)
    You can add data that have not been listed above
  • 10 of your best creation (10 page), each page consists of a brief explanation that accompanied the creation

The creation must be your own original work.
The Creations must consist:
  • Poster
  • Logo
  • Digital Imaging
  • Vector Illustration

Technical description
Size: 21 X 29.7 cm
Orientation: Horizontal/ Vertical
Resolution: 100 PPI
Color: 1 PDF file, complete with trim mark, registration mark, registration color, bleed
File format: Full Color
File name: (Your Name)_GD.pdf
Maximum file size: 5 MB