Elimination Phase:

  1. The participants will be given some cases to work to.
  2. The questions will be delivered in English.
Information Technology - Software Solutions for Business IT Software Solution for Business will test the capability of the participants to give the best system solution for a business case that are given. The Business case will be in some modular area. The participant should choose the best software for the solution needed. The application & software that are used to solved are:
  • Document Processing : using Microsoft Word 2010
  • Spreadsheet : Using Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Electronic Presentation : Using Microsoft Power Point 2010
  • Database: using Microsoft Access 2010
Web Design The participants will be asked to create graphic design template, animation, image, website (client and server side) or several application’s setting related to the development website in accordance with a given problems.
Mechanical Engineering Design - CAD The Competition is a demonstration and assessment of the competencies associated with this skill. The Test Project consists of practical work only.
All of the following skills will be tested within one or more of the individual modules listed below.

3D modeling of parts:
  • Perform the modeling of the components, optimizing the constructive solid geometry.
  • Ascribe characteristics to the materials (density)
  • Ascribe colors and textures to the components
3D modeling of assemblies:
  • Produce an assembly from 3D models of components.
  • Structure an assembly (sub-assemblies)
Create shaded views:
  • Create shaded views of components or assemblies
Creation of simulations:
  • Create simulations relative to the operation of the system being designed and/or assembly procedure.
Determine the kinematic characteristics:
  • Determine the kinematic characteristics of mechanical systems from 3D assemblies.
  • The characteristics determined will be limited to linear and angular dimensions.
Graphic Design
  • The competition start on August 14, 2011 at 00.00 o’clock
  • The participants should submit the final product with August 17, 2011 at 23.59 deadline
  • The participants have a permission to complete the product during the time limit
Information Network Cabling The participants will be asked to select only one type of competition (either online or onsite).
  1. Online certificate submission The participants have to submit the following documents to be verified :
    1. ID card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk)
    2. Certificate(s) of :
      1. Panduit Certified Installer
      2. AMP NetConnect Design & Installation
      3. Belden Certified Assembler
    Those certificates must not older than 2 years from competition date
    Note : If the documents are accepted, the participants will automatically qualify to join the final phase.
  2. On-site competition The participants will be asked to do the installation of the following network cable technology in accordance to the given problems :
    • Fiber Optic Cabling
    • Copper Cabling
    The maximum number of on-site competition participants is 16 and the regristation system is first come, first served. The regristration will be closed after 16 confirmed participants.

Final Phase:

  • The questions are in form of an execution of material that must be completed by participants.
  • Each participant was given a same time for execution for every question and given same question too. No additional time for participants who come late.
  • The whole questions will be distributed per material. Answer will be collected when the time out. Participants can not do the next question if only already completely the present material.
  • During the competition participants are allowed to ask the judges about things are not clear through the system that has been provided. The judges will not be replied for the questions that headed to the solution. The answer is important for all participants; judges will share it and can be seeing by the other participants. The judges will also give the announcement through the existing system. The participants are also expected to see this system so there is no information left behind.
  • The results of the competition and the winner will be announced in the second competition's day
  • More detail about the final competition will be carried out on the competition day after the participants are arrived in BINUS University.