How To Register - Foreign Teams

All foreign teams from the Asia Pacific region (except from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam) may register directly to the 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest.

Team Requirement:
A team consists of a coach and exactly 3 (three) contestants

  • A team consists of 3 students and 1 coach (staff) from the same institution.
  • All team members are eligible to participate in the 2023 ICPC World Finals.
  • Each student may only compete in one team in the 2022 ICPC Asia Regional Jakarta.
  • The coach is allowed to coach more than one team.
  • Each foreign team's university can only register up to 5 teams. Additional teams will be considered only if we have remaining available slots.
  • The coach must be the official staff or faculty member of the university.

Registration Steps:
Coaches are responsible for the registration
  1. Login on if you already have icpc account (last year account can still be used), register if you have not had any.
  2. On the dashboard page, click Create team(s).
  3. On the region map, click Asia Pacific Contests; or click the link "View all contests". The 2022 Asia Pacific Contests list will then show.
  4. On The 2022 Asia Pacific Contests list shown, click arrow beside "The 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest"
  5. On The 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest list shown, click arrow beside "Asia Jakarta – Indonesia National Contest"
  6. Choose the link "Asia Jakarta Regional Contest (Registration is from 26 September 2022 to 14 November 2022)"
  7. Create your team name and choose your team origin institution, and then click Next button. If your institution is not listed in the table provided, please click "Not in the list? Suggest New Institution" and then suggest your institution.
  8. Choose "Add Team Member" to assign your team members.
  9. Confirm your team registration by clicking Confirm Registration button.
  10. You have successfully registered your team in the programming contest.
  11. You can add your team member by clicking the add team member button. From your dashboard, you can also add your team members by visiting the My Teams page (Teams -> My Teams menu) and then click on the team name's link.
For any other information & helps regarding the registration and the contest, please send your email to

Registration Fee Information

Foreign Teams
Fee: USD 250 / team (until 14 November 2022)
Payment link for registration fee will be shared via email.
Transfer Receipt should be sent not later than 14 November 2022 to:
Mrs. Syarifah Diana Permai
by Email:

How to register, click here.
To register your team, please visit ICPC HQ web here
for ICPC Updates please refer to :

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