About Indonesia National Contest

ICPC Indonesia National Contest (INC) 2022 is a national programming contest that serves as the online preliminary round for Indonesian teams to advance to the 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest. Teams will be challenged with a set of 10 to 13 problems to be solved in 5 hours. The programming languages used are C/C++, Java, and Python.

INC 2022 is scheduled on 13 November 2022 from 10:00 to 15:00 (WIB/GMT+7). An optional practice session is scheduled before the contest on 12 November 2022 from 14:00 to 17:00 (WIB/GMT+7).

Top 50 teams in INC 2022 will advance to the 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest on 27 November 2022. Additionally, the INC 2022 result combined with the COMPFEST 14 and Ideafuse 2022 result will also be used to determine additional teams to make 60 local teams to compete in the 2022 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest.

Top 5 teams of INC 2022 will also be awarded the following prizes (per team).
  • 1st place: IDR 5.000.000 + medal
  • 2nd place: IDR 4.000.000 + medal
  • 3rd place: IDR 3.000.000 + medal
  • 4th place: IDR 2.000.000 + medal
  • 5th place: IDR 1.000.000 + medal
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