By Taxi
By Trans Jakarta Busway (
Tariff : IDR 3,500,-

Please access online route at :

Route Blok M - Kota
Blok M - Kota

Route Pulogadung - Harmoni
Pulogadung - Harmoni

Route Kalideres - Harmoni
Kalideres - Harmoni

Route Pulogadung - Dukuh Atas
Pulogadung - Dukuh Atas

Route Ancol - Kampung Melayu
Ancol - Kampung Melayu

Route Ragunan - Dukuh Atas
Ragunan - Dukuh Atas

Route Kp. Rambutan - Kp. Melayu
Kp. Rambutan - Kp. Melayu

Route Lebak Bulus - Harmoni
Lebak Bulus - Harmoni

Route Pluit - Pinang Ranti
Pluit - Pinang Ranti

Route Cililitan - Tj. Priok
Cililitan - Tj. Priok

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