Important Dates

Registration End Dates :
  1. Indonesian Teams: September 26th 2012
  2. Foreign (Asian) Teams
    1. Early Bird: August 31st 2012
    2. Regular: October 6th 2012
*Online Registration can be done at

The 2012 Indonesia National Contest (INC)*
September 30th 2012
* All Indonesian teams must attend the contest (online contest through :

The 2012 Asia Regional Contest - Jakarta Site*
October 16th - 18th 2012
* All Asian Teams & Top 50 teams of INC (onsite contest at BINUS UNIVERSITY)

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Latest News
[December 11th, 2012]
ICPC 2012 Report can be seen here.

[October 19th, 2012]
Final Scoreboard can be seen here
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[October 17th, 2012]
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[October 2nd, 2012]
Run Down has been updated.
Top 50 INC has been added.

[September 22th, 2012]
updated content (registration date): [September 19th, 2012]
Run Down has been updated.
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Run Down INC has been added.

[September 13th, 2012]
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[September 12th, 2012]
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[August 23th, 2012]
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[July 7th, 2012]
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[July 9th, 2012]
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