Final Round

When And Where    Reference    Computer Environment    Conduct of The Final Round    The Winner

When and Where

The Final Round will be conducted ONSITE on:
  • Saturday, June 16th 2007, 08:00 - finised
  • The Joseph Wibowo Center
    Jl. Hang Lekir I No. 6, Kebayoran Baru
    Jakarta Selatan 12120


Teams are allowed to bring printed references material with the following criteria:
  • The reference can contain up to 25 pages of reference material, printed on single-sided, letter or A4 size paper, with pages numbered in the upper right-hand corner.
  • It may contain code listings, algorithms, hints, or any other necessary notes.
  • You may also have blank papers, milimeter-bloks and stationary such as pen, pencil, eraser and ruler along side with the references

The contestant may bring English Dictionary (printed dictionary) as well.

Contestants ARE NOT ALLOWED to bring:
  • Any digital materials (eg. e-books, softcopy codes, etc)
  • Any storage devices (eg. flash disks, external hdds, etc.)
  • Any electronic devices (eg. PDAs, calculators, notebooks, etc.)
Any communication devices should be turned off during contest.

Computer Environment

Each team will be provided by one machine in the below environment:
  • Operating System: Windows.
  • Contest Application: PC^2.
  • Compiler/IDE: GCC (djgpp), Ms. Visual C++ .NET, JAVA 5.
  • Editor: EditPlus, Eclipse.
  • Reference: SGI's STL Docs, Java Doc.

Conduct of The Final Round

Each team will be given eight problems to be solved in five hours. Each team will have two copies of each problem.

Contestants are allowed to communicate among team members or with commitees only.

The Winner

There will be SIX teams to be awarded as the ACM/ICPC INC 2007 winner: Team finishing in the first place will be crowned as The ACM/ICPC INC 2007 Champion and will receive plaques, second place will be awarded with Gold Medals, third and fourth places will be awarded with Silver Medals, while fifth and sixth places will be awarded with Bronze Medals.