Contest Rules

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Team consists of three university students will be given several computer programming problems which have to be done on a single computer. Competitors will race againts the time in a battle of logic, strategy and mental endurance.

The competitors will be given a set of problem statements and an example of test data for each problem. Judges test data and acceptance criteria will not be opened to the competitors. Team members will collaborate to analyze and then write codes to solve the problem. Every incorrect submitted solution will be applied with time penalty. Team who solves the most number of problems correctly with the least amount of time will be crowned as the champion of the competition.

The Problem

Contestants will be given a set of computer programming problems which have to be done in a single PC / machine. Each problem will be presented in English and would contain :
  • Problem Description : background and problem statement
  • Input Specification : specification for file input, constraint, and formating
  • Output Specification : specification for file output and formating
  • Sample Input / Output : sample of how the Input / Output will be presented
Input / Output
Your program should read from standard input (console) and write to standard output.

Time Limit
Time Limit is the maximum time allowed for a Run to be executed. Each problem will apply different time limit. All solutions which are not met the time limit that applied on a particular problem will be stated as Rejected and presented to the team with Time Limit Exceeded condition.

Programming Language
Programming Languages used in the competition will be C/C++ and Java. Contestants may choose one from the provided languages that will be most comfortable to be used. All given problems have been proven to be solveable in C/C++ and Java.

Compilers used in the competition will be:
C/C++ :
GCC (djgpp)
Ms. Visual C++ .NET
Java : Java 5

Sample Problem
Problem Statement : html   pdf
Solution : sample.cpp
Judge Testcase :   sample.out
note : Judge Testcase solely owned by the judges and will not be given to any contestants during the contest time.

Submitted Run

A Run is a solution to a problem which is submitted to the judge. Each run will be judged and the result will be presented to the team submitted the Run. Correct Run will be stated as Accepted while incorrect one will be stated as Rejected. Any Rejected Run will be presented to the team along with one of the following conditions :
  • Presentation Error
  • Wrong Answer
  • Run-Time Error
  • Time Limit Exceeded
  • Compile Error

Clarification Request

Any team may submit clarification requests on a problem to the judges. When the judges agreed that the problem contains any error or ambiguity, the judge will give clarification to all teams.

Scoring The Contest

Teams are ranked according to the number of problem solved (Accepted) and the least total time consumed to solve the problem.

Total time is the sum of time consumed by a team to solve a problem. Time consumed will be counted from the initial time of the contest to the submittal time of each Accepted Run. If an Accepted Run has been stated as Rejected Run before it's Accepted, the consumed time will be added with 20 minutes penalty for every Rejected Run.

Any Unsolved Problems, even if it has been Rejected many times, It's time will not be summed into the time consumed unless it's solved and submitted.

time     event
-------  -----
0:00:00  contest begin
0:15:13  submit a run for problem A, get NO - Wrong Answer
0:25:14  submit a run for problem C, get NO - Time Limit Exceeded
0:30:02  submit a run for problem A, get NO - Presentation Error
0:32:56  submit a run for problem A, get YES
2:10:34  submit a run for problem B, get YES
5:00:00  end of contest

Solved Problem  time consumed
--------------  -------------
      A              73  (minute 33 + 2 prior rejected runs)
      B             131  (minute 131)
                   ---- +
  total time        204

So, this team has succeeded to solve two problems with total time 204.