Contest Detail

Schedule    Eligibility    Prizes


Registration : April 16th  until  June 7th, 2007
Qualification : June 10th, 2007 (online)
Final Round : June 16th, 2007


Each team consists of three contestants from the same University who are eligible to compete. Each member of the team should satisfy the following conditions :
  • The competitors are registered as active university students.
  • Have not completed their study by the date of the competition.

  • Prizes

    The champions will be awarded with prizes as followed :
    • The Champion  (1 team)
      Cash Rp.6.000.000,- & Winner Plaque

    • Gold Medal  (1 team)
      Cash Rp.4.500.000,- & Gold Medal

    • Silver Medal  (2 teams)
      Cash Rp.3.750.000,- & Silver Medal / team

    • Bronze Medal  (2 teams)
      Cash Rp.3.000.000,- & Bronze Medal / team