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International Collegiate Programming Contest is an annual multi-tiered computer programming competition among the universities of the world. Headquartered at Baylor University, with autonomous regions on six continents.

The contest involves a global network of universities hosting regional competitions that advance teams to the ICPC World Finals. Participation has grown to several tens of thousands of the finest students and faculty in computing disciplines at almost 2,000 universities from over 80 countries on six continents. The contest fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation in building new software programs, and enables students to test their ability to perform under pressure. Quite simply, it is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest in the world.

BINUS UNIVERSITY (binus.ac.id), which has moved toward a world-class university, will host one of the Asia Regional Contest. This year is the twelfth time BINUS hosts this most prestigious programming contest in Asia Pacific region. Hopefully, by holding this contest, it would give more chances to Indonesian college students to take part and get more experiences.

This year's winner along with other winner teams from all around the world will advance to The 2021 ICPC World Finals.

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