Elimination Phase
  1. The participants will be given some cases to work to.
  2. The questions will be delivered in English.
  3. During the competition, participants are allowed to ask the judges about things are not clear through the system that has been provided (Clarification menu). The judges will not be replied for the questions that headed to the solution. The answer is important for all participants; judges will share it and can be seen by the other participants. The judges will also give the announcement through the existing system. The participants are also expected to see this system so there is no information left behind.
  4. The results of the competition and the winner will be announced on August 18th, 2017.
  5. For more information regarding the elimination competition, please visit Competition page.
Final Phase
  • The questions are in form of an execution of material that must be completed by participants.
  • Each participant will be given the same amount of time for execution for every question and given same question too. No additional time for participants who come late.
  • The whole questions will be distributed per material. Answer will be collected when the time is up. Participants cannot do the next question if they have not completed the present material.
  • The results of the competition and the winner will be announced in the National Selection Closing Ceremony.
  • More detail about the final competition will be carried out on the competition day after the participants have arrived in BINUS University.