The 2019 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest

  • 26 - 28 October 2019
  • Onsite contest at BINUS UNIVERSITY
  • Participants:
    • Top 40 INC 2019
    • Top 5 CompFest 2019
    • Top 5 IdeaFuse 2019
    • Top 5 Vocomfest 2019
    • Top 5 Maranatha Programming Contest 2019
    • All registered foreign (Asian) teams
    Note: Indonesian teams should qualify from at least one provincial level contest in 2019 (INC, CompFest, IdeaFuse, Vocomfest, Maranatha Programming Contest) to advance to The 2019 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest.
  • There will be at most 80 teams to compete in The 2019 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest.

Indonesia National Contest (INC) 2019

  • 6 October 2019
  • Online contest
  • Participants:
    • All registered Indonesian teams

Due to absence requests by some contestants in the practice session of The 2019 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest, the committee had tried to seek ways that will not violate any ICPC rules. With Practice Session has been announced as one of the required events to be attended by all contestants therefore according to the official rules of ICPC, a contestant who is unable to attend the practice session might be substituted by his/her reserve who is registered to the team before any qualifying contest, in this context is INC. Failing to fulfill the requirement will be subjected to disqualification.

If you are one of those teams mentioned above, please confirm your team presence for the practice session to the committee before 16 October 2019
How to register, click here.
To register your team, please visit ICPC HQ web here
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